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This time, a winter wonderland will be held throughout the month, starting with a large heating tent in the parking lot of the Kentwood Community Center on the corner of Main and Main Streets. During this time, Lunar New Year is celebrated in a festival that offers rich cultural experiences. Enjoy a variety of movies - themed programs, live music, food trucks and more. Enenen enjoy a wide range of food and drinks, as well as live entertainment from local artists.

The World of Winter event is free or inexpensive and can be attended by families and adults, but a large part of the garden experience is for children. There are many hiking trails, promenades and trails for families to explore and snowshoe rental is available. This page offers highlights that the whole family will love, as well as links to other events in the Kentwood area.

The story - the princess will read aloud at Christmas - is presented to children in decorated train carriages. There will be Christmas tree lighting at Kentwood Community Center on Christmas Eve. After the visit, families can send their letters to Santa and take home free Christmas crafts and activity kits while stocks last.

Explore Downtown Grand Rapids on a free guided tour offered by Grand Falls Running Tours. If you're looking for more activities in Michigan, read our recently released and updated guide to 50 good things to do in and around Michigan. Read through our suggestions and try them out for your next trip to Michigan!

Go to the top and back edge of the zoo grounds to see the new tiger exhibit and explore the nature in a fun way. You can also visit the farm, which focuses on educating visitors about sustainable agriculture and food production. Find a library geocache (we did this a few summers ago, so make sure you check before you leave) or take a self-guided tour so you can take advantage of our soon-to-be-released ice sculpture map. Join one of our ice sculpture walks to see these amazing works of art!

Under current state rules, no face protection will be required for Santa, but families visiting Santa will receive a free digital greeting card that can be shared on social media. Record a personalized Santa Claus video and choose from a variety of pre-recorded personalized videos by local artists.

The Mehney Splashpad adjoins the concession stands and changing rooms, so that toddlers and toddlers are kept happy. If you're visiting Grand Rapids on Memorial or Labor Day weekend, make sure you go to Millennium Park and soak up the sun on the beach and in the paddling pool. The six-acre sandy beach is a great place for families to build sandcastles and swim in a marked area of Millennium Park Lake.

Another option for animal lovers is the 80-acre zoo and aquarium at the Grand Rapids Zoo and Aquarium in Kentwood, Michigan, south of downtown. The zoo is almost completely enclosed under an awnings of old deciduous forest and is located in an awnings above an old growth forest. During the summer months, the zoo keeps visitors and the animals cool off with their coolers. The attractions are seasonal and feature a variety of animals such as birds, reptiles, amphibians, mammals, birds of prey, fish and other animals, but the 2016 opening is scheduled for May 1.

The interactive exhibition includes 25 swivelling prisms mounted on a projector that transmit and reflect the colours of the visible spectrum to create a rainbow ice palace. This is the second consecutive year that more than 50 ice sculptures have graced downtown Grand Rapids, making it the largest ice sculpture installation in the United States. The interactive installation will include 25 pivot prisms that transmit and reflect the color of the light, creating a modern "ice palace" that transmits and reflects all the color light.

By the way, I like to throw my lucky penny into the fountain in Veteran's Memorial Park, but the fish staircase is in the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum, which is closed for renovations next month. Entrance to the museum is free, open from 10 am to 5 pm. M. Monday to Friday and Saturday and Sunday from 12 to 16.

This year's competition runs from 21 September to 9 October and entries can be found in almost 200 locations across the city. Participating shops and organizations in the city center will lay designer wreaths provided by MMA in the windows facing the street or sidewalk from November 24 to December 6.

The zoo was built on a hilly landscape overlooking the Grand River, and the MMA will offer a walk through the park with a variety of animals and a view of the city skyline. One way to explore the zoo is to ride up and down the funicular to protect yourself from retracing steps.

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