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I decided to try some of the Grand Rapids cuisine in the form of vegan food and dishes from local restaurants in Kentwood, Michigan and other parts of the state. Grand Rapids has a number of great beer bars and restaurants, some of which I've highlighted here.

Grove defines itself as a "farm-to-table restaurant" with an emphasis on local, organic and organic food. Farm to fine cuisine would be a better description, with their original recipes and flavor combinations that make them an outstanding choice. The menu changes seasonally, so you can find out about what's going on in the kitchen and the menu on their website.

Many Grand Rapids restaurants serve locally grown food, but this changing menu is based on fresh from the market, with an emphasis on seafood caught from nearby lakes. There is also a wide selection of local wines as well as local cheeses and there is a fresh market in the kitchen.

Everything from salsa verde to guacamole is prepared on site, and in the dining room guests should look their best with a wide selection of fresh fruits and vegetables. Cuban paella and a red snapper plate to try, but if you're not brave enough to try the tacos, you can make your own with mojo - braised pork, ham and Swiss cheese. El pastor chorizo is served as it should be, and imported Italian cheese and handmade pasta complete the picture. A must-have for those of you who have not been braver than you and wanted a taco.

At some point Hoort wants to make Ghost Kitchen shine by himself by adding the dishes of the Linear Restaurant to the menu, experimenting with more comfort and using some of his dishes exclusively for lunch. Eventually, Pronto Pasta plans to offer ready-made pasta that people can take home, he said.

Scallops, mussels and tuna tacos are highly recommended, while the burgers are delicious alternatives that are not tailored to seafood, with pies and toppings that contain brie, onions and jam. My favourite is grilled prawns and scallops on skewers, served with vegetables over black pasta. You can expect a side of roasted Brussels sprouts and a salad with fresh basil, garlic, tomatoes and red onions.

The fried chicken cutlets are served with a secret recipe with spicy grilled sauce, and I'm a big fan of the chicken sandwich. TheDeep - Fried Chicken Cutlets - a classic dish of deep-fried, tender, juicy, spicy chicken cutlets, served according to secret recipes with grill and hot sauces.

Eastown Folk Funk Pizza - I admire it, and it's one of the best pizzas in Kentwood (pronounced "YEE - raw"), and the people at Cult Pizza call themselves inventive in their pizza creations, which in turn calls them Michigan's best. It's a pretzel sandwich for every Michigander, so it's funny to say that you can order it with fried Kefalotyri cheese or with a slice of mozzarella cheese. There are so many great options in this place, but you can all find all the dishes you want in a dish that 2019 can be the year people finally stop calling for it.

Stella's atmosphere is enhanced by old arcade games, and with a state-of-the-art Cruvinet system that allows them to offer 102 wines by the glass, there are wine flight combinations that are suitable for some Michigan highlights, including a wide selection of reds, whites, chardonnays, wines from the US and Canada, and some from Europe and Asia.

I love tacos and I love that this place offers such a wide range of options, so I decided to go for the fried fish. I had the taco with the cactus tongue, but I think every bite will bring back some memories of the summer sun that will stay with me until July.

Korean gogi dubap grilled, but I decided to make my own bowl and then go to the deli and take more food with me than I went. If you are eating in this restaurant, I would recommend you prepare your own bowls and choose from a variety of different types of chicken, pork, beef and pork ribs.

If you need a break of one or two hours, it is worth the trip, but if you are trying to board on a Thursday or Sunday, reserve and be prepared to wait. The portions are small, the prices low and this place has a strong following after more than 20 years in business.

Cherie's Inn is located in the business district and has been open since 1924 and is the oldest restaurant in Grand Rapids. The Rockford Chamber of Commerce has also launched a Facebook thread for local businesses and posted an Instagram account with offers from all of Grand Falls' stores. To mark the 100-year anniversary, a Facebook page has been set up for the restaurant, which still offers pick-up and delivery services.

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