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There are so many things to do in Grand Rapids, Michigan that you will need more than one visit to take them all in. This blog post will examine some of the things I did in and around Grand Falls, MI, after 4 days of jam there.

If you won't be able to visit all the breweries and breweries in one weekend, a guided tour like Discovery Michigan's will make it easier to see your favorites. Grand Rapids also has several brewery tours that take you on foot, by bike or by bus to the brewery, but I had no chance to take one.

If you want to picnic in other parts of Western Michigan, check out Castle Country in Allegan, which is a great romantic place. Another option for animal lovers is the 80-acre zoo and aquarium in the heart of Kentwood, just blocks from the Kent County Courthouse.

In Grand Rapids, you can enjoy the urban environment of Rosa Parks Circle and see sailboats passing by in John Collins Park or watch a sailboat sail through JohnCollins Park. Or wander through the city's parks, streets and monuments to learn about the history of Grand Rapids. Either way, it's worth a visit, like throwing a lucky drop in the fountain in Veteran's Memorial Park or the museum, which is just a few blocks from the Kent County Courthouse in Kentwood.

If you want to stay in Grand Rapids, check out the hotel options in Kentwood and other parts of the subway area. The Hampton Inn, less than two miles from Kentwood, is a sophisticated option that offers guests many perks, but it is also an affordable and friendly option, especially if you are located about 10 miles outside of Kentwood.

Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park is open year-round and is located in the heart of Kentwood, just a few blocks from the Hampton Inn. The park, also colloquially known as "Make-Out Park," is located at the intersection of Michigan Avenue and Grand River Street. The five-story tropical conservatory is one of the most popular attractions in Grand Rapids and also the only one in Michigan.

The Grand Rapids Art Museum hosts permanent and traveling exhibitions ranging from the works of Michigan artists to the furniture that made the city famous in the industrial design community, and the attractions of downtown. On the west side there is an art museum, art galleries, a children's museum and an art gallery. The Grand Falls Children's Museum is located in the heart of the city of Grand Rapids and houses nine key exhibits on two floors. Among the exhibits are some of our favorites, the "Art of Art" and "Art of Design" exhibits on the east side of the museum.

Founded in 1854, the Grand Rapids Public Museum moved to its current location in the west of the city in 1994. The museum follows Ford's life from his birth in Grand Falls to his time in the White House and his life after the birth of Grand Rapids.

The historic neighborhood is just outside downtown and features 1,300 homes from the 1840s to the 1920s, including some of the city's historic buildings, such as the Grand Rapids Hotel and the Kentwood Hotel. The hotel is one of the best independent hotels in Michigan and the only one in the state with a full service restaurant and bar. On a property near Kentwood town centre, Wyomi Hotel is a unique boutique hotel with its own restaurant, bar and restaurant.

The highest rated hotels in the state of Michigan for the Marriott and Starwood brands are those based on customer reviews. The Grand Rapids Hotel and the Kentwood Hotel are both among the top rated hotels. Customer reviews over the past 365 days are based on the reviews of more than 1,000 hotel guests from around the world.

If you want to eat the best things in Grand Rapids, but don't necessarily want to go to many different restaurants in the neighborhood, you're in luck. Michigan is a pretty great craft beer destination, so you can enjoy a wide selection of craft beers from all over Michigan as well as from other states. Breweries in And around Grand Rapids, they are very family friendly, have good food and best flights.

If you're looking for more activities in Michigan, read our recently released (and updated) guide to the 50 best activities across Michigan. If you are considering a trip to Grand Rapids but already know what is happening during your visit, read on to learn more about what we recommend based on what you saw on Saturday night and based on our recent visit to downtown Grand Rapids, where you have easy access to all of the city's attractions and experiences, so you don't have to worry about the ride to sample some additional craft beer tastings. Read through all our suggestions and browse our Facebook and Experience Grand Rapids website for more details about what happens during your visit. And if you are considering a visit, but already know what you are visiting, but are not sure what to do, you can read about it here.

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More About Kentwood